Jocuri actiune

  • Space Boy
    Space Boy (Engleza: Some ugly and slimey aliens have attacked earth. Only one brave kid with a water pistol can stop them.)
  • Wack a Bunny
    Wack a Bunny (Engleza: Smash the rabbits as fast as you can using your mallet.)
  • Playing Field
    Playing Field (Engleza: Smash the people and cars on the ground using numerous weapons in this great stress reliever!)
  • Attack Of The Fever Heads
    Attack Of The Fever Heads (Engleza: Smash the fever heads with pipes or hit them with your cart to cleanse Sealab of Green Fever!)
  • Caterpiller Smash
    Caterpiller Smash (Engleza: Smash the caterpillers using the mallet as they pop up from their holes.)
  • Saddam Xtreme Bitchslap
    Saddam Xtreme Bitchslap (Engleza: Smack up Saddam Hussein any way you like. Punch him, kick him, and finish him off when he's down.)
  • Road Carnage
    Road Carnage (Engleza: Slam the pedal to the ground and run over those pedestrians, smash into cars but don`t crash too much.)
  • Fall Down
    Fall Down (Engleza: Don't let the ball go off of the top of the screen. This game is quite similar to the famous game 'Down!' by
  • Sokoban
    Sokoban (Engleza: Simple Sokoban, a mind testing tactical game.)
  • Sheep Are Safe
    Sheep Are Safe (Engleza: Shoot those pesky wolves that try to eat your sheep and guard them with your life.)

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