Jocuri sport

  • Ski 2000
    Ski 2000 (Engleza: Ski down the hill but avoid the amateur skiiers that have crashed.)
  • GMax SkateBoarding
    GMax SkateBoarding (Engleza: Skateboard up the half pipe do some crazy tricks and score points to beat the competition.)
  • Pegote Ball
    Pegote Ball (Engleza: Show off your soccer skills by keeping the ball in the air by heading and kicking.)
  • Amazing Golf Pro
    Amazing Golf Pro (Engleza: Shoot the golf ball with your putter pick up the golden tiles and then hit the hole.)
  • Basketball Rally
    Basketball Rally (Engleza: Shoot some hoops throw the ball into the basket and score points.)
  • Mile High Club
    Mile High Club (Engleza: Set your angle and power to hit the golf ball from one platform to another and get on the flag platform.)
  • Penalty Master
    Penalty Master (Engleza: Set up both vertical and horizontal angle and shoot to get your goals in. Don't be blocked or else you lose points.)
  • Squirrel Golf II
    Squirrel Golf II (Engleza: Send a squirrel flying through the air by clubbing it with a 9-iron!)
  • Basketball
    Basketball (Engleza: See how far you can be away from the goal and dunk.)
  • Snowboarder XS
    Snowboarder XS (Engleza: Score the highest number of points by collecting stars, performing tricks or going quickly in this 3D snowboarding game.)

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